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Thinking thin 24///7

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I'm back.. [Wednesday
June 2nd, 4]

[ mood | anxious ]

Going on a 14 day fast....check out my latest journal entry to see updated pix and stats....Feel free to join me on the fast.

Think thinner than thin

Im new? [Sunday
March 1st, 3]
 Hey chicas im new and i just wanted to put myself out there

Height: 5 foot 7 inches
GW:125 or lower

Think thinner than thin

yippyyy.. [Monday
October 20th, 9]

[ mood | chipper ]

okay  i have new stats.. these are alot better than before, supposidely my scale says 145, i hope so, because i haven't eaten in 3 days, and ive been running/working almost everyday. if im not working; im running. lol. anyway, i havent been getting alot of sleep, id be waking up for no reason. and going to bed with my joints hurting, i dont know why though. i think im gonna ask one of the teachers at my school that is a paramedic. so i can see what she says about the whole situation. and if she asks if ive eaten, ill say i ate supper last night. haha. i told my mom i ate subway, but in fact i didnt, woo-hoo.well i'm going, cause i have some espanol to do, and dont want to make a bad grade.. pshhh who cares!!! adios.



think thin...

Think thinner than thin

Stats;; [Monday
October 6th, 10]

[ mood | complacent ]

Name: Brittany Norton
Age: seventeen
ED type: ana/mia
Height: five foot seven
HW : 170
CW: 155
LW: 145-150?
GW: 110
I love gettin on the net and chatting it up.
and I love txting and talkin on the phone

1 comment|Think thinner than thin

June 22nd, 3]


Feel the will to talk and help out?


I've gotten so off track.
I need help.


Think thinner than thin

CONTACT! [Wednesday
September 26th, 3]

Yes, another post.
I don't know if this sounds stupid or not,
but here it goes.

I start my day at 7am and go to school, then right after
at 4 I start work. I am on my feet running around constantly
since I work at a restaurant until anywhere from 10pm-11:30pm.

Then I haven't even taken the two buses and walked home yet.
On top of that I have my adderall to kinda help my mood and appitite. [sp?]

Anyway, I was wondering if it helps anyone else to be reminded throughout
the day to not eat. Like, "Do you really need that?" "Think thin, stay strong."

Things of that nature.

So I was wondering if there is anyone out there who might like to talk to me
through via phone and or text messaging. It would help to have any
support at all. None of my friends approve of not eating blah blah blah fasting or anything.

I'm leaving my number so throughout the day if you need to take your mind off food
or anything, call me, leave a message, text me. Anything. It helps and maybe I can hopefully help you too.

Hope to hear from you.



Think thinner than thin

June 20th, 9]

Hello all!
I'm here to: update my stats, add a couple new ed friends and find some support for my upcoming raw foods fast.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 129lbs
Short term goal: 122lbs
Long term: 115 and toned mid section&ass!

So as I mentioned, i'm looking for a few girlies to start a raw foods only fast with me.
It's really easy! I just hope to get a couple of you on the bandwagon with me.
I update quite frequently and I comment loads so your efforts won't go unnoticed =]


Think thinner than thin

May 21st, 3]

[ mood | tired ]

well..... i have been joined to this community in ages just haven't posted!!! sad arse me could be bovad!! but now i am!!!

ok so... stats...
17years 11months (18 nxt month!!!)
height...... erm... 5ft 1inches
dreaded weight ............
66pounds/30kg/4.7 stone

ok so... for most people you may tnink "WOW thats low you should be ahppy with it!!" well NO IM FRIGGIN NOT!!

ok got down to this and can't shift much more- its going down slower and slower!!!

i can't restrict any more coz my parents are already freaking out SERIOUSLY!!! and exercise wise... i don't know if my body can take it ... but i suppose if i really want it i gotta go for it!!!!!

well any tips and motivation please PLEASE GIVE!!!

i can't stand the way i look!!! soooo....... FUKING GROSS!!!


Think thinner than thin

April 10th, 6]

I'm starting up a 290cals max diet tomorrow.
I'm gonna mainly stick to veggies, soups and cereal.

Join me!?


Think thinner than thin

February 2nd, 11]


Please join! Let me know if this isn't allowed.

Think thinner than thin

October 23rd, 11]

[ mood | gettin where need to be ]

Name: Jackie
Height: 5'4"
HW: 125
LW: 103
CW: 118
STG: 103
LTG: 97
i was so close to my goal and then i moved to college on campus, 4 hours away from home. thought i would do better but you know what they didnt lie. i heard grls gained the freashmen 15. and i did. now i gotta get back down to where i belong which is where i started before i came here @ 103lbs. and then i need to get where i want to be at 97lbs. God i have to, im so freakin fat. i hate looking at myself now. i need support, i need help. i need to loose this fat that grew on me. ive only been here 2 and 1/2 months. WTF is up with that. grls i need help ASAP. i need a friend or 2. contact me. im citemylife on AIM. or just write in my journal. i promise ill start posting more. i need to saty in contact. i need all of you and i need thinspo. think thin and be thin. im getting back on track....

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October 22nd, 2]

Heya all! I've set my mind on following a 10 day, heavy restriction diet plan to help me kick my bulimia/laxi abuse. I was wondering if any of you were planning on dieting for awhile and wanted support or were willing to give support??

My stats:
ED: Bulimia and I abuse laxitives
Current weight: 133.
Lowest weight: 118.
Goal weight for the end of this diet: 125.
Long term goal weight: 110 (for now)

So yeah i'm just looking for friends =]


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September 11th, 1]

heyy everyone, im new, no one really knows me so im saying whats up . i have been struggling with an eating disorder my entiar life, i know u feel me , anyway im back into fasting becasue lost track and was depressed for a while, but anyway today i have fasted all day , i have not put anything in my mouth besides water ,the last time i ate was 5 yesterday so thats 24 hrs just about , i know thats nothing but i want to see if i can go untill tomorrow morning untill i eat anything, i used to be so good at fasting but then i guess i just got fat and ever since i let go of that i felt like nothing , low . the only time im happy is when i feel thin and empty . i hate it . its a struggle that my mind feeds on, im sorry if this post is annoying, im just saying hi and whats up and i will try my best to help and support you all . <333 thankz .. keep it up .

Think thinner than thin

September 10th, 10]


Hey lovelies :)
Hope you guys are thinking thin !

That aside, I hope this is allowed, but I'm here to promote we_will_starve as it's a reaaaally active comm
and yeah, do take a look, and join alrighteys? 

Do take care, and much love!

Think thinner than thin

September 10th, 10]


Hey lovelies :)
Sorry if this is not allowed but I'm here to promote </a></font></strong></a>we_will_starve cause it's awesome and it's reaaaally active so yes!
Pls go and take a look, and join! 


Think thinner than thin

negative calorie question [Wednesday
August 2nd, 5]

Just a question.
I'm not sure if any of you will have the answer,
but it's worth a shot.
So as you know, there are negative calorie foods
which have less food calories in them
than the amount of energy calories it takes for your body to disgest them.

Now, negative calorie fruits like strawberries and blueberries are fine and dandy,
but I prefer my fruit frozen.

My question is,
does freezing the fruit change how much energy it takes for your body to digest it?
Is it possible for it to no longer be a negative calorie food?
Maybe freezing it makes it easier to digest.

Think thinner than thin

July 29th, 12]

hey guys :) i have been reading the community for a while but i figured i would do an intro post

Name: jen
Age: 19
E.D type: ed-nos
Height: 5'3
Weight: 110
Highest weight: 125 (disgusting, i know)
Lowest weight: 102
goal weight: 100 for short term, by next summer i want to be 90
Place where you promoted: in my lj.. sorry, i am kind of new to lj, i don't know much about promoting?
Pictures: {optional} coming soon i hope if my retarded camera magically fixes itself!
Something about you: my name is jen, i'm 19, psych major at UMN in minneapolis. been trying to lose weight for a while and now trying to get down to some major fasting. would love some new lj friends no matter where you are with your ED... we are all here to help each other.

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July 28th, 10]

so yeah. yesterday and today have been great food wise. i've stayed under 500 cals both days...hopefully i can keep it up. i got drunk last night, and i hadn't eaten anything (i know, not good) so the alcohol factored in my calories. but yeah...a few things happened yesterday that made me less than happy.

1. I ordered an iPod off of ebay on monday and i received it yesterday. When i open it...the screen is cracked and it's completely broken. So i'm not sure there's anything i can do about that.'

2. I was walking in to a gas station to buy coke (rum + coke= <3) and i heard someone screaming out of their car as they're driving away, "DAAAAMN! That's a huge bitch! I'll be damned before i'd f*** w/ that bitch!" Now...i don't think they were talking to me, because there was another girl walking to the gas station who was bigger, but still...the possibility is there.

soo yeah....i've been ok, give or take a few things :-)


Think thinner than thin

July 28th, 8]

i know i know.. once again its been forever.
but i promise ill start to try more...

ive been in waterloo all week writing exams.. :/ so thats never fun. however, eating wise i havent done too badly. here and there i fuck up, but i usually purge it.. so its not too bad.. and thats only happened twice this week.and wes ordered pizza and i didnt have any at all, even tho he left it at my house the whole week!!

ive been working out too.. nothing major.. but trying to fit in 30 min per day... which is good for me. haha.
and i finally gave in and bought another tanning package here since i got sick of being so god damn pale. :(

other than all that, ive been good, busy.. that sorta thing.
i have a final tonight at 6:30 and then im driving back to toronto to see asty. she had her nose done on monday and i havent seen her since... so thats basically my plans.
during the day i need to pack and clean up the house before i leave, go to the gym and go tanning..
that sorta thing.
no idea what to eat for lunch.. lol since my options are limited... but im sure ill find something.
anyways hope you all are doing well!!
and i miss you guys!

Think thinner than thin

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